Our school was founded in 2018 after two years of research. The school has grown from strength to strength and we are about to take occupation of our 2nd campus in 2022.

2018, Founded in Lakeside

After two years of research and preparation we received our license from the WCED in October 2018. Our school opened with 22 students for the 2019 Academic Year.

2020, Expanded

We expanded our premises further to increase by 4 additional classrooms. In mid 2020 we rolled out Clevertouch screens and customised technology in our classrooms to enable digital learning platforms (during Covid) and launch our Virtual School.

2021, Expanded

At the start of 2022 we will cover the full top floor of the Lakeside Centre of almost 1000 square metres including 12 classrooms or work spaces and outside area.

New Primary School Campus

After three years we are almost through with all our zoning approvals for the new campus. In time this will be the new home for our Grade 1 to Grade 6 learners. Our High School will remain at our current premises with plans to redevelop into a fabulous new home for our learners.