Hybrid School

Our Hybrid School is a combination of our Physical and Virtual School combining on-campus activities and virtual learning at home.

The learner is enrolled into LEA as a Hybrid Student and is registered with the WCED as an enrolled learner with the school.

Access to attend physical classes at school one day per week.

The student has access to all extra-murals and tutoring in person at school or online.

Everyday lessons are done at home. The student writes formal assessments at school. Tests, practical’s and presentations (excluding projects) are done at school after regular school hours. Exams are written at school during exam sessions. The student participates in market days, school events, outings etc

A device that can access the LMS. A device that is used to submit work, for example a scanner / phone. Good internet access (10mbps), earphones. Printer.

Parent and teacher meetings can be done in person at school or online.

Full access online

Learners grades 4 to 12. It is compulsory for Virtual Learners from grades 10 to 12.

Lakeside Education Academy needs to be accessible.


The student will need to bring stationery and books in from home when physically in school. LEA-made workbooks are available for collection. Day-to-day notes needs to be printed at home. Reduced consumables fee is applicable.

Hybrid School Fees

Our Hybrid Fees structure falls between our Virtual and Physical school fees and can be accessed by clicking the link below.


Hybrid School Fees