Our Team

Lauren Sterrenberg

Lauren is our Academic Head of School. She graduated with a BA from UCT and a PGCE Cum Laude from UNISA, and is currently studying towards her Masters in Education. Lauren worked at Capella House for six years, teaching in the Foundation Phase, and then Intermediate Phase, overseeing the school’s curriculum, before joining LEA in 2019.  

Lauren is passionate about progressive education and seeing the potential in each individual child. Her goal is to create a school environment where children have a voice, feel safe and happy, and are part of a culture of mutual respect and understanding. She believes that a child cannot learn from a place of unhappiness or fear and feels that building positive relationships is an integral part of this process – between learners, staff and parents alike. In her spare time Lauren loves spending time with her family, travelling, working in the garden, reading a good book, and walking her dog, Roxy.
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Dylan Hammargren MBA


Dylan founded the school in 2018. Having completed an International MBA in 2002 he has been involved in numerous ventures, and is an entrepreneur with a passion for education.

With a karate background and having taught and coached at a high level for over 25 years he holds a 6th Dan black belt.

Farieda Shabodien

Administrator & Accounts

Farieda has been working at the Lakeside Academy for 8 years. She is involved with accounts administration as well as our school administration management system.

She is dedicated, loyal and loves working with children and parents. She is easy to talk to, understanding and always willing to see other’s point of view.

Natalie De Reuck B.SocSc (Hons)

School Counselor

Natalie graduated from UCT with a B.SocSc (SW)(Hons) degree and is a qualified social worker. She is married to Ricardo and has two children, Joshua, 23 years old and Chelsea who is 19 yrs old.  Having worked in various social work fields and at schools across the Peninsula, Natalie came to LEA from Kirstenhof Primary School where she spent 8 years on staff and 3 years as a volunteer school counselor. 

She is passionate about children and believes firmly that children have a voice that needs to be heard and these voices are not necessarily the spoken word. Natalie aims to provide a safe space in support of a childs’ holistic development, working together with teachers , caregivers and other relevant professionals , in a systemic approach to give each child at our school the opportunity to be all they can be.

Andrea Dixon B.ed

Grade 1

Andrea has a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase teaching. She was a Mathematics and English tutor at Kip McGrath from 2018 to 2020, working with learners across various grades and with various academic needs. 

Andrea is passionate about childhood learning, and creating a caring, respectful and inclusive educational environment in her classroom. She has a child-centred approach, focusing on and integrating holistic learning within the curriculum. 

Andrea strives to create opportunities for exploration and to develop learners’ critical and independent thinking skills. Her goal is to provide the best education possible for the children in her class and to ensure they develop in the greatest manner possible.

Michaela Scott B.ed

Grade 2 & 3

Michaela graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase teaching from Stellenbosch University in 2019. She believes that each child is unique and has their own individual way of learning. She understands the importance of the Foundation Phase and its vital role in providing a strong base for future learning. 


Michaela believes in encouraging curiosity and engagement in the world, and that a positive experience in the early years of formal schooling leads to a love of lifelong learning.

Matthew Brutus B.ed

Grade 4 Educator

Matthew has a Bachelor’s of Education in Intermediate and Senior Phase. He graduated in 2020 from Stellenbosch University and has since been involved in further educational training through the ‘Teach the Nation’ organisation.

Matthew is passionate about teaching with a specific focus on the development and growth of learners as individuals. His teaching philosophy is grounded in mutual respect within the classroom and he hopes to continue being a life-long learner throughout his teaching career.

Saveran Govendar B.ed

Grade 5 & 6 Educator

Gov has worked in the education sector for 8 years and has also been involved in the Kids Who Can programme, which equips children with tools to navigate life. He is also an avid volunteer at the National Sea Rescue Institute in Kommetjie.

“I think that when it comes to education, my approach can be best described by an Einstein quote, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”
We as teachers need to educate learners as best as we can, which is to encourage and help grow the child’s natural interests.”

Jaime Sterling B.A (hons), PGCE

English & History (Senior & FET)

Jaime teaches various subjects in the Senior and FET phases. She has a BA (English and Psychology), Honors in Psychology and a PGCE from UCT.

Studying psychology at postgraduate level affirmed her belief that learning is a unique process for each learner. Her goal as a teacher is to build supportive, collaborative relationships with learners and to develop each learner’s strengths and talents. She is especially excited to use her experience in developing learning materials in the classroom environment. 

Favourite quote: The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity” – Dorothy Parker

Cindi Hanekom B.ed

Senior & FET Phase

Cindi studied B.Ed Senior and FET phase at the University of Pretoria and graduated Cum Laude.

She believes in being a life long learner and therefore loves learning new things each day! Her goal for her learners is to become critical thinkers so that they can become self-driven adults that confidently approach the challenges life offers them. She also wants to show learners that through hard work and dedication they can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Caroline Botes

Foundation Phase learnership

Caroline has a diploma in Montessori Education from the UK and is currently studying towards her B. Ed Foundation Phase through Unisa.

Caroline recently returned to South Africa after living in the UK for 14 years, where she worked in childcare and education. She is passionate about teaching and approaches the education of every child in an individualised manner, tailor-making her practices to best suit the needs and interests of each child.

She is a strong advocate for hands-on learning and aims to make lessons as interactive and attractive as possible, helping to foster a level of self-motivation from learners.  She believes in exploratory learning and developing the skills learners will need for 21st century living.

Herbert Javangwe B.Sc(hons)

Mathematics & Science

Herbert is an enthusiastic educator with sound knowledge of Mathematics and Science, who believes in unlocking the possibilities in leaners through motivating and encouraging them.

He gained vast experience through educating and facilitating in Senior and FET Phases in different learning centres, including Harare High School, Winwood College and Hope and Light School.

Herbert advocates for good health and social environments for learning to be effective.

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