Faculty and staff

Bianca Earl
High School Educator - B.ed (Cum Laude)

Bianca believes in collaborative methods allowing learners to take more responsibility for their learning.

Lauren Sterrenberg
Academic Head - BA, PGCE (Cum Laude)

Lauren is passionate about progressive education and seeing the potential in each individual child.

Erin Goodchild
School Counsellor - B.SocSc (Hons)

Erin believes that children function holistically and any imbalances impacts other areas in their lives.

Roxanne Bulgen
School Administrator

Roxy is our front of house. She loves organising, people and kids. A team player, loyal and kind.

Andrea Dixon
Grade 1 Educator - B.ed

Andrea is passionate about childhood learning, and creating a caring, respectful and inclusive space in her classroom.

Dylan Hammargren
Director - MBA

Dylan is the founder and director. A passion for education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Also a 6th Dan karate instructor.

Caitlin De Kock
Foundation Phase Educator - B.ed (Magna Cum Laude)
Caitlin is a relational teacher who acknowledges the link between academic performance and physical, emotional and social wellbeing of her learners.
Mujuan Olivier
Afrikaans Educator - BA, PGCE

Mujuan loves working with her students in ways that will best suit them so that learning is something fun and interesting.

Bryson Bande
Physed & Xhosa

Whether soccer, physed or conversational Xhosa, Bryson is friendly, energetic and always ready to help.

Definate Utamo
Kitchen and General Cleaning

Definate keeps our school clean and cooks delicious lunch options. She loves working with kids and always has a smile.

Michaela Scott
Foundation Phase Educator - B.ed

Michaela encourages curiosity and believes a positive youthful experience leads to a love of lifelong learning.

Kelly Kingwill
Intermediate Phase Educator - B.ed

Her goal is to inspire young minds and create a warm environment where learners can reach their potential.

Elizabeth Stevenson
Head of Virtual School - B.Sc, PGCE (Cum Laude)

Her motivation to teach stems from her desire to encourage, equip and empower students.

Jaime Sterling
English & History - BA (hons), PGCE

Jaime's goal is to build supportive, collaborative relationships with learners developing their talents.

Farieda Shabodien
Accounts Administrator

Farieda is easy to talk to, dedicated, loyal and loves working with children and parents.

Heather Smith
Student Teacher - BBA

Heather is completing her PGCE having discovered her love for teaching after retiring from being a chef.