Virtual School

Our Virtual School is available for grades 4 to grade 9 and offers learners a real-live but virtual classroom experience.

We believe that the learning experience is maximized within the right environment. By using an educational collaboration platform together with international award-winning interactive and audio visual technology we have leveraged the classroom experience to our virtual at-home learners.


Work from wherever you are. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can join your class online.


You receive the same termly and weekly class timetable as students attending the school.


You attend virtual classes and can engage with the students and teachers through the virtual platform, participate in class discussions or ask questions.

Recorded Lessons

Lessons are recorded and uploaded onto the cloud for access by all our students.

Through the use of collaborative software and award-winning interactive technology together with a professional audio visual system we are able to leverage the important interactive class environment into the virtual space. Our virtual learners are able to observe, hear and interact with the teachers as well as other learners both in the physical and virtual class.

By extending into the virtual sector we are able to leverage our school’s resources. Without sacrificing on quality education we are able to bring more value to every learner both in the physical and virtual environments.

We believe the live interactions that occur between teacher and learners form a valuable part of the learning process. The real-life engagement between teacher and learners in the classroom facilitates the understanding process for all learners… whether they are in the actual or virtual classroom listening and being able to partake in the process.