Thank you for your interest in Lakeside Education Academy. Please click below to apply for admission to one of our available schooling options.

Physical School

We accept learners into Grades 1 through to 12. Grade 1 and 8 applications can be made from March of the preceding year, together with the first term report. Please enquire as to available places.

Application form Fees

Hybrid School

To apply for our Hybrid School, please follow the same procedure as our Physical School applications process. Hybrid Schooling is available from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

Application form Fees


Share your interest

Email or call our reception and let us know you are interested in Lakeside Education Academy


Visit our campus

An appropriate time will be discussed with you to come and view the school and meet our Principal.


Begin the application

Complete your application form and submit necessary documents to apply for a place in the school.



Come for a trial visit (Grades 1-6) or an interview (Grades 7-12). Thereafter, an admission decision will be made.